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【レンタル】テンプル騎士団 (集英社新書)
佐藤 賢一

[Rental] Knights Templar (Shueisha Shinsho)

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What is the relationship between "Star Wars" and Freemasonry!? Reveal the full picture of the strongest, richest, and largest organization! Born in the early 12th century, the Knights Templar were originally established to protect people on their pilgrimage to Jerusalem. However, after that, they transformed into a supranational organization with military, political and economic power. He formed a number of epoch-making systems that influenced later generations (creation of an organization with a huge network of districts and branches, a standing army with a clear chain of command, a financial management system that is said to be the beginning of the banking industry, etc.). . A leading figure in Western historical novels vividly portrays the rise and fall over 200 years, from the creation process to the tragic end! ■ Main contents ・The mystery of the place name “Temple” that exists everywhere in Paris ・Relationship with the Jedi Knights of Star Wars ・Knights started with only 9 people Religious fanaticism and crusades The original purpose was to protect pilgrims. ・Battle with Saladin, the greatest hero of Islam ・How did the poor knights become famous? Abnormally high mortality rate of the Knights in battle Equipped with a red cross on the chest on a white background - High morale and cohesion. How was a strong organization maintained? ・Europe's first standing army ・Monk and Knight ・It was not unusual for the Knights Templar to be transferred, transferred, or promoted. ・Fortresses, farms, bank tellers... Branches with multiple functions were set up all over Europe. ・A supranational organization that transcends national borders ・Anti-inquisition, anti-tyranny ・The reason why I was able to get all the rights of the city ・Anyway, gold, gold, gold It was the beginning of the banking industry in medieval Europe. The Knights Templar, who held all the finances of the French royal family. The Knights Templar is like the international financial capital had the US military Friday the 13th, when Philip IV buried the Knights Templar ■ Contents Introduction Part 1: The Knights Templar Incident - Part 1 Part 2 What is the Knights Templar? Chapter 1 The Knights Templar begins Chapter 2 The Knights Templar fight Chapter 3 Knights Templar have Chapter 4 The Knights Templar Lend Chapter 5 The Knights Templar are hated Part 3 The Knights Templar Incident - Part 2 in conclusion <Author profile> Kenichi Sato Born in Yamagata Prefecture in 1968. After graduating from Yamagata University Faculty of Education, majored in Western history at Tohoku University Graduate School of Letters. In 1993, he won the 6th Novel Subaru Newcomer Award for The Man Who Became a Jaguar. In 1999, he won the 121st Naoki Prize for "The Divorce of the Queen". In 2014, he won the 68th Mainichi Publishing Culture Award Special Award for "Novel French Revolution". He is the author of many books, including "The Hundred Years War between England and France" and "Portrait of the French Revolution" (Shueisha Shinsho).

Number of pages: 288 pages

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Categories: Books, Adults, History, Available August 2023

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