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【レンタル】ハムレット (新潮文庫)
ウィリアム シェイクスピア

[Rental] Hamlet (Shincho Bunko)

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To be, or not to be, that is the question……. Eternal classic. A masterpiece of Shakespeare's tragedy. 102 editions of the Shincho Bunko Edition, a long-seller with over 1.46 million copies. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, who appears in the castle and is told by the ghost of his father that his death was due to his uncle's plot, vows to take revenge. Moral and introverted, he feigns madness day and night and suffers from skepticism. It is the masterpiece of Shakespeare's tragedy, which weaves a tragic love with the beautiful Ophelia who dies madly at the transformation of her lover, and leaves many famous lines. table of contents Hamlet Commentary by Yasuzo Fukuda Commentary by Yasuo Nakamura Directing Shakespearean plays Tsunezo Fukuda Shakespearean play writing years Chronology from the text Hamlet Life or death, that is the question, which is the manly way to live, to lie down and endure the bullets of unlawful fate, or to take up the sword and face the hardships that come upon you, until you finish the blow. Which one is the one that won't pull later? I'd rather die. Death is but sleep--isn't that all? When you fall asleep, at that moment, everything disappears, the sorrow that hurts your heart, and the many pains that haunt your body. …… (Act 3, Scene 1) William Shakespeare Shakespeare, William(1564-1616) Born in Stratford-on-Avon. Around the age of 20, he left his hometown and worked as an actor in London at first, and later as a playwright. Created about 37 historical dramas, tragedies, and comedies, including "Romeo and Juliet." He also excelled in poetry and became a giant of Elizabethan Renaissance literature. At the age of 47, he suddenly retired and spent the rest of his life in his hometown. Yasunari Fukuda (1912-1994) Born in Hongo, Tokyo. Graduated from the Department of English Literature at the University of Tokyo. After working as a junior high school teacher and editor, while working for the Japanese Education Promotion Association, he translated Lawrence's "Apocalypse" and wrote literary criticism on Ryunosuke Akutagawa. After the war, he published critical essays such as Modern Fate, Novel Fate, What is Art? In addition, there is "My Japanese Language Class", which discusses Japanese language issues from the standpoint of defending the historical use of kana. His translations include The Complete Works of Shakespeare (winning the Yomiuri Literature Prize), as well as works by Wilde, Lawrence, Eliot, and Hemingway. As a playwright and director, he presides over the theater company "Subaru" and also engages in theater activities. His complete works include "Fukuda Tsunezon Complete Works" and "Fukuda Tsuzon Translated Complete Works".

Number of pages: 284 pages

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