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【レンタル】経営は、焚き火のように Snow Peak飛躍の源泉
山井 梨沙

[Rental] Management is like a bonfire, the source of Snow Peak's rapid progress

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[The president himself talks about the reasons for the strength of Snow Peak] Many people think of Snow Peak as an outdoor manufacturer. However, it has now grown into a company that has continued to grow in sales for 16 years, and is transforming into a comprehensive manufacturer that is rapidly expanding its business domains into apparel, restaurants, housing developers, and consulting. Risa Yamai, who was appointed as the 3rd generation president from a fashion designer, advocated "clothing, food, housing, work, play, and study" as the business domain. At the center of this is Snow Peak's unique management theory, which is always based on "playing in the wild". Recently, management methods such as “vision management,” “purpose management,” and “design management” have been touted. Snow Peak is a model company that has continued vision management and design management since 1988. However, President Yamai says, "We never once felt that we were in charge of design management." How does the company verbalize the direction it should aim for and how is management conducted to guide all employees toward the goal? "Management is like a bonfire Snow Peak Source of leap" will clarify the essence. [Snow Peak is no longer an outdoor manufacturer] What does the president in his 30s, who grew up in a camp, value as a person and as a manager? Also, what are your future prospects? What kind of management is hot like a bonfire, the source of corporate value? Chapter 1 introduces design management, Chapter 2 introduces the reasons for the strong performance, Chapter 3 introduces the managers who grew up in the camp, and Chapter 4 introduces the employees who support the business. From the text-- "As the president of a company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, I am quite a maverick. At the time of my appointment, I was 32 years old, the youngest on record, and I am also a woman. I have never studied management. And I have a tattoo... ." “The biggest feature of the company Snow Peak is that all employees are campers. Even now, with over 600 employees, we still place importance on whether or not people like camping as part of our hiring criteria.” “Simply put, design management is a management method in which a vision, mission, and values ​​are arranged in order, and the process for realizing them is designed. I was never conscious that I was doing it.” “I try to make sure that each and every one of our employees is aware that they are designers. There was a reason for thinking that way. I felt that the number of employees had increased.” "In the future, we would like to develop a 'village' in the vast HQ that symbolizes Snow Peak." 【table of contents】 Chapter 1 When I realized it was "design management" Current location of Snow Peak 4 projects started in 8 years Manufacturing that imagines the market Revised management philosophy An outsider as president The reason why even inexperienced people are able to work as president Plan C is like Snow Peak Awarded as a design management company by the Patent Office Snow Peak Design Management Recognized by Experts Clothing design and management are the same design a language All employees are experience designers Sales are compensation for the value provided Snow Peak's Next-Generation Development Plan A bonfire meeting that is essential for my management What is the enthusiastic fan “Snow Peaker”? Camping with users is the beginning of everything New fans rapidly increasing due to the corona disaster Inherited Snow Peaker DNA Column: Father and daughter monologue Snow Peak business succession Chapter 2 Beyond manufacturing Background of strong performance Sales increased for 16 consecutive years The vast site of the head office is a symbol of Snow Peak provide experiential value To the business domain of “clothing, food, housing, work, play, and study” Above all, employee autonomy Build a village from cradle to grave The network created by the general exhibition “Life Expo” Constantly new proposals The power of bonfire that I realized at the expo From a member of society to an earthling before the next expo Column: Overseas expansion of Snow Peak Global strategy aiming for 40% of total sales in 2024 Chapter 3 Growing up with outdoor education instead of compulsory education Camp every weekend until elementary school students Situation Judgment and Recovery Skills Learned at Camp "Spirit of meddlesomeness" inherited from an outdoor person Strength is the power to fantasize Life in Niigata regaining humanity the reason for the bonfire The spirit of craftsmanship cultivated in Tsubamesanjo Wearing and experiencing local culture Luxury wear in the natural world "YAMAI" A model that makes only the necessary amount of materials derived from nature Column: What I learned from an employee survey What kind of person is President Risa Yamai? Chapter 4 Frontline employees who support Snow Peak Clothing Two strengths that generate 157% year-on-year growth for Snow Peak Apparel Clothing What are Snow Peak's SDGs? Food Snow Peak “Food” Challenge Providing ancient vegetables in camping dishes Food The reason why Snow Peak became the “Prince of Hakuba” Save the resort off-peak season Residential Urban development in Snow Peak The times call for a “lifestyle with outdoor activities” Lifetime furniture made by Snow Peak Focus on changing lifestyles Effect of Snow Peak “Camping Office” introduced by major companies one after another Yu A rush of requests for regional revitalization in the Snow Peak style What are the key “two axes”? Camper ideas to create a sustainable world spread to educational settings Clothing, food, housing, play, and sports Snow Peak's manufacturing DNA The market is something that is "created" Clothing, food, housing, recreational studies The stage is nature, and an unprecedented super-large exhibition will be held Clothing, food, housing, and play studies “Snow Peak style DX” 5 initiatives, the reason why we were able to produce results from scratch

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