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Kotch Library - Japanese library in the Netherlands. All rental books are free. Sales books are shipped to 32 European countries including the Netherlands.
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【レンタル】ゼロからはじめる Microsoft Teams 基本&便利技

[Rental] Starting from scratch Microsoft Teams Basic & Useful Techniques

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Microsoft Teams is perfect with this one book! Due to the implementation of telework and online classes, an increasing number of companies are using Teams, which can be used at no additional cost if Microsoft 365 is installed, and there is also a free version. This book explains the minimum required usage in an easy-to-understand manner for those who suddenly decided to use Teams. It explains basic operations such as joining a team, exchanging messages, and video conferencing, as well as team and channel management, mobile usage, and FAQs for troubleshooting. (I recommend this hotel) ・ Those who decided to use Microsoft Teams for telework or online classes (table of contents) Chapter 1 Basics of Teams Section 01 Teams Section 02 Using Teams Section 03 Teams License Section 04 Differences between desktop and browser versions Section 05 About Teams and Channels Chapter 2 Joining a team Section 06 Join a team with an invitation email Section 07 Initial Account Setup Section 08 Install apps Section 09 Edit your profile Section 10 Check the basic screen Chapter 3 Communicate Join the Section 11 Channel Section 12 Read messages Section 13 Send a message Section 14 Decorate your message Section 15 Mark and send important messages Section 16 Sending Files Section 17 Send emergency notices to everyone on the team Section 18 Send a message to a specific person Section 19 Searching for messages Section 20 Respond easily with "Like" Section 21 Saving Messages Section 22 Chat one-on-one Section 23 Change your presence status Chapter 4 Video Conferencing Section 24 What is video conferencing? Section 25 Host a Video Conference Section 26 Switching the camera and microphone on/off Section 27 Recording a Video Conference Section 28 Changing the background during a meeting Section 29 Chatting During a Video Conference Section 30 Sharing Your Computer Screen Section 31 Sharing Whiteboards Section 32 Checking Meeting Attendance Section 33 Raise your hand during a video conference Chapter 5 Easy-to-use settings Section 34 Change App Appearance Section 35 Toggle auto-launch of apps Section 36 Organizing the View of Teams and Channels Section 37 Setting Notifications Section 38 Display chat in a separate window Section 39 Set up two-factor authentication for added security Chapter 6 Organize Team Topics with Channels Section 40 Create a Channel Section 41 Create Private Channels Section 42 Adding Members to Private Channels Section 43 Editing Channels Section 44 Restricting Channel Posting Section 45 Deleting Channels Chapter 7 Linking with Apps Section 46 Advantages of App Linkage Section 47 Co-authoring Office files Section 48 Send a Message/Schedule a Meeting in Outlook Section 49 Sharing Notes with OneNote Section 50 Working with Third-Party Apps Chapter 8. Create a team for each project Section 51 Adding Members to Your Organization Section 52 Create a new team Section 53 Adding Members to Your Team Section 54 Deleting Organization Members Section 55 Deleting Team Members Section 56 Changing Team Member Roles Section 57 Archiving Done Teams Chapter 9 Using with smartphones and tablets Using the Section 58 Teams Mobile App Install the Section 59 App Section 60 Check the basic screen of the app Section 61 Post a message Reply to a Section 62 message Section 63 Changing Notification Settings Section 64 Changing your presence status Chapter 10 Questions and Troubleshooting Q&A Section 65 I want to operate the app quickly! Section 66 I want to check unread messages quickly! Section 67 I want to open files and websites quickly! Section 68 I accidentally sent you a message! Section 69 I want to know the tricks to make the meeting run smoothly! Section 70 I want to receive notifications even when I am unresponsive! Section 71 My mic howls during a meeting! Section 72 I forgot my password! Section 73 I want to upgrade from the free version to the paid version!

Number of pages: 160 pages

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