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Kotch Library - Japanese library in the Netherlands. All rental books are free. Sales books are shipped to 32 European countries including the Netherlands.
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【レンタル】イスラム2.0: SNSが変えた1400年の宗教観 (河出新書)

[Rental] Islam 2.0: Religious Views Changed by SNS in 1400 (Kawade Shinsho)

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Professor Google rather than Islamic jurists! The Internet and SNS have fundamentally changed religious views and legal interpretations in 1400. What is Islamic Thought in the New Era? The front line of Islam that Japanese people don't know!! "Quran" and "Hadith" uploaded on the web. The knowledge and interpretations that used to belong to a few religious elites are now easily accessible by anyone through translation and search functions. As a result, "revelation" is left out of the hands of the religious elite, and the general believers become fundamentalist. Subject to divine revelation, Muslims seek to establish an order governed by Islamic law, They realized that practicing jihad, which they believed to be right, was a "correct Muslim" and aspired to it. Abandon Japanese common sense and Western values! In Europe, "non-assimilated" Muslims began to gain parliamentary seats in various countries through "migration" and "fertility." The "quiet jihad" that promotes democratic Islamization is progressing and becoming a problem. In addition, the number of no-go zones (areas outside the control of the police) that were created by the concentration of Muslims, the Islamization of schools, etc. The Western values ​​of the past are no longer sufficient, and their failures are being exposed to the light of day. On the other hand, Islamic nations are also acknowledging that they cannot solve the problem of terrorism without reforming the ``religious discourse of Islam,'' and are starting to face it head-on. How should Japan deal with immigration issues and other turning points, without following the West's footsteps? Abolish “belief” and “own values” and read Islam based on “facts”!! ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ Chapter 1 Advent of the era of Islam 2.0 Fundamentalists are on the rise/Sex slaves are right/Terrorist mastermind is a Japanese Ozaki/It is easy to acquire Japanese citizenship/The “way to heaven” is guided by SNS, etc. Chapter 2 Islamization of Europe and Liberal Jihad Mistakes in immigration policy / Women who go out alone are “prostitutes” / Settled but not assimilated / “Political Correction” becomes a hotbed of terrorism / Migration and reproduction are “quiet jihad” / Immigrants begin to win parliamentary seats other Chapter 3 “Awakening” to Islam in Indonesia Multi-religious countries become terror-prone countries/Family terrorism involving children/Former JKT48 becomes a Hijra celebrity/Anti-K-POP in the Hijra boom, etc. Chapter 4 Islamic Populism Unity between Church and Politics is a “Good” / Anti-LGBT is active / George Clooney's quick conclusion / "Apostasy = death penalty" in eight countries / Muslim Brotherhood is a successful model, etc. Chapter 5 The “Reformation” of Islam Islam Reform Is Criticized / Can Those Who Follow Revelation Be Condemned / Jihadists Can't Be Excommunicated / Persecution of Coptic Christians / Islamization after the "Arab Spring" / Christmas is Legal!? Chapter 6 If the world were conquered by Islam What is the Caliphate/Worried about Dabsta in this world and the hereafter/The Medina Charter is a covenant with the Prophet/The Dymmah Contract is security/The Dymmah Contract with Christians/Unreasonable “unequal contracts” etc. Chapter 7 Coexistence with Muslims The number of Japanese people has halved in 80 years/Dating with four principles in mind/No “exceptions” to illegal activities/Strict prohibition on joint parties and cabaret clubs/The tragedy of “Akuma no Uta” and “Submission”, etc.

Number of pages: 272 pages

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