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Kotch Library - Japanese library in the Netherlands. All rental books are free. Sales books are shipped to 32 European countries including the Netherlands.
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[Rental] "Western Art History", the Education Acquired by the World's Business Elites

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※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ “Without knowledge of art history, one cannot compete with the world.” Mr. Takahisa Takahara, President of Unicharm Corporation, acclaimed! ※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ Western art historian Taiji Kimura provides an easy-to-understand explanation of "Western art history," an essential education for business elites. With this one book, you will acquire about 2,500 years of art and knowledge of related world history! Nearly 100 paintings and works of art are posted! Japanese people tend to perceive paintings as something to be seen with "sensitivity". However, the background of art reflects the history, values, culture, and economic conditions of each era. In other words, knowing art is also learning a world-class culture. For example, the ancient statues were all naked because they reflected the values ​​of the time. In addition, the famous architectural style "Gothic architecture" conceals the political message of France at the time. Furthermore, Louis XIV used painting as a symbol of absolute monarchy. Napoleon also used it for his own image strategy. By knowing the historical background hidden behind such art, Of course, you can enjoy art more than ever, The history, values, and culture of Europe and the United States at that time, You can also know the education of the global standard. In this book, about the historical background behind these arts, About 2500 years will be condensed into one volume and explained. With this one book, you should be able to acquire a global standard education. [Index] Introduction Art history is the "common language" of the world's elite Part 1 How was the “God”-centered value system born? Why were ancient statues "naked"? / The prosperity of the Roman Empire and the development of empire-like art / The arrival of Christianity / The speculation of the French royal family and the new "House of God" Part 2 The Development of European Urban Economy in Paintings The Three Masters Who Became Classics of Western Painting/Innovation in Art Brought About by the Development of the Urban Economy/Another Renaissance Blooming in the City of Liberty/What New Religious Art Created by Catholicism and Protestantism?/Netherlands Independence and everyday paintings spread among citizens Part 3 Why France Became an Art Powerhouse Absolute Monarchy and Louis XIV / Momentary Enjoyment on the Eve of the Revolution / Image Strategy by Emperor Napoleon Part 4 How did modern society change culture? Determination to depict "inequality" and "reality" / Counterattack of the industrial revolution and the culturally underdeveloped country Britain / Why the "countryside" landscape became popular in the era of the industrial revolution / Why was the impressionist not accepted? / American ・The world of "contemporary art" opened with money

Number of pages: 256 pages

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