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Kotch Library - Japanese library in the Netherlands. All rental books are free. Sales books are delivered to 32 European countries including the Netherlands.
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[Rental] 10 textbooks on the global environment

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This book was written with the following three usages in mind. -------------------------------- ・As a text for 1st and 2nd year students ・As an introduction to global environmental issues ・As a reference book for environmental education in junior and senior high schools -------------------------------- To that end, I first valued the basic data, basic knowledge, and way of thinking, and tried to provide explanations that were simple but polite enough to be understood. In the world, there are movements that unnecessarily stir up fear and, as a result, abandon efforts to improve things, saying, "I can't solve this anyway." . While we have a passionate heart behind us, we wanted to grasp the problem with the eyes (head) that look at global environmental problems as coolly as possible and talk about the direction of improving the global environment. The authors of this book and the 28 members of the review committee are involved in practical environmental issues from their respective standpoints, including environmental science, ecology, business administration, science education, research and practice of environmental education, and government. . The impetus for creating this book is that one of the editors who started giving lectures on "global environmental theory" at university said, "I tried many books that could be used as lecture texts, but they were too short and too long." I felt that there was no suitable content or level." So, when I asked the environmental education mailing list, "Is there anyone who would like to work with me?" I started kneading. During the writing process, I aimed to create a book that is easy to read even for those who have never studied environmental issues, but is of high quality and can be used as a university textbook for self-study. It was "easier said than done". However, the authors and members of the review committee read the entire manuscript, sometimes giving opinions from a broader point of view, and sometimes making detailed comments, and the manuscript was completed. I think that it is precisely because of this exchange of opinions that this book has more commonalities rather than differences of opinion between the authors. We hope that this book will help those who think about global environmental problems and take action in search of improvements. I also have high hopes for those who read this book and want to study and research global environmental issues in greater depth and sophistication. (From this book)

Number of pages: 255 pages

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Categories: Books, For Adults, Available October 2022

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