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Kotch Library - Japanese library in the Netherlands. All rental books are free. Sales books are shipped to 32 European countries including the Netherlands.
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【レンタル】サーキュラーエコノミー実践: オランダに探るビジネスモデル
安居 昭博

[Rental] Implementing the Circular Economy: Exploring Business Models in the Netherlands

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Circular economy as seen from 17 cases in the Netherlands and Japan! The Netherlands is transitioning to a circular economy such as digital technology, architecture, and composting. Business opportunities in Japan that I saw through field research. The Netherlands is transitioning to an advanced circular economy through the joint efforts of the public and private sectors, including digital technology, infrastructure, architecture, food, and apparel. Creating a system that does not generate waste is attracting worldwide attention as a method for simultaneously achieving economic benefits, environmental load reduction, and risk management. Great business opportunities for the future, as seen in 17 cases in Japan and the Netherlands based on five years of European research and domestic research. ● Author Akihiro Yasui Born in 1988. Representative of Circular Initiatives & Partners. World Economic Forum Global Future Council Japan representative member. Graduated from Kiel University, Germany "Sustainability, Society and the Environment" master's course. Circular Economy Researcher/Sustainable Business Advisor/Video Creator. Active in two bases in the Netherlands and Japan, and has so far held workshops for more than 200 companies, related ministries and agencies, and government agencies. Held an inspection event in Amsterdam for over 50 Japanese companies and local governments. In addition, he has participated in the Japanese expansion project of Dutch companies such as "Tony's Chocolonely" and serves as a bridge between Japan and Europe for the circular economy. Participated in multiple companies as an advisor/external advisor. Received the "Ministry of the Environment Environmental Economy Division Director's Award" at the "Sustaina Award 2020". ● From "Introduction" of this book Especially since the industrial revolution, we humans have created many artificial objects that did not originally exist in the natural cycle. After fulfilling one role, they cannot take on the next role unless we humans take care of them. And in modern times, "waste" that has lost its role has come to affect both human society and the natural world to the extent that it can no longer be ignored. As the world's population is expected to increase and resources are depleted in the future, it is important to learn deeply from the natural world and create a system that allows something to continue to play a role as a "resource" for something else. We are now required to fundamentally reform the social structure that does not create

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