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【レンタル】AI DRIVEN AIで進化する人類の働き方

[Rental] Mankind's work style evolving with AI DRIVEN AI

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The era of people who can use AI has begun. An unprecedented AI boom is taking place now. Microsoft's Bing was released in February 2023, and the open AI ChatGPT-4 was released in March of the same year. Just a few months ago, AI was only a topic of discussion among a small number of people, but why is it now spreading all at once? The difference from the previous AI is, simply put, the following two points. The first is to be “Generative AI”. According to human orders, AI compiles and edits a huge amount of past data and generates a single deliverable. However, generative AI itself has been around for a long time, so it is not the deciding factor in its recent surge. The second important point is that "a tool that can command AI with the natural language that humans usually use" has been released to the world. ChatGPT, which has become more popular, is one of them. Until now, AI has been the “expertise (education)” possessed by some experts and technology enthusiasts. In general, even if you don't know much about AI, there is not much difference in current performance and future potential. But not from now on. How can AI contribute to increasing one's productivity? If we can understand this point and put it to practical use, AI will no longer be an "unknown technology" but a "convenient tool." You can call them competent "assistants," "escorts," and "partners." Generative AI is a tool that can dramatically improve the efficiency of troublesome work, teamwork, management and organization in an instant. There is no doubt that it will have a major impact not only on how individuals work and live, but also on corporate organizations, education, and culture. So how do we use generative AI? An era has already begun in which people who have learned to use generative AI as a tool will make a big leap forward. As the author, I would be very happy if this book could be used to acquire the literacy to survive in the new era, to learn the "AI DRIVE" way of working and living, and to get the chance to play an active role. Introduction Prologue Global megatrends born from AI DRIVEN The world will change with the advent of generative AI ・ Crustal movement (1): The latest AI is being installed in existing tools ・ Crustal movement ②: Fusion of AI and web3 ・Current point and future of AI evolution Chapter 1: How to work - Work becomes like a DJ ・The “work style” of this profession will change ・ Jobs that will change with AI ・ Jobs created by AI ・Industrial structure undergoing major transformation with AI ・Work will be like a DJ ・If you can understand, "AI" will turn into a "tool" Chapter 2 How to Learn: An Era Where Individuals Choose the Learning they Need ・The era of “learning by yourself” will begin ・Technology to check in the AI ​​era ・Learning method that nurtures “independence” ・Shift to education that develops “expertise” Chapter 3 Innovation: Creation is no longer “0 to 1” ・ Arrangement power is the power of ideas ・Anyone can create “0 to 1” ・Tectonic changes occurring in the creative realm ・Ideas and ideas will be brushed up with AI Chapter 4 Organizational Building: Leadership Becomes the “Ability to Observe People” ・"Fair organization" realized by AI + DAO ・ Conditions for a leader in the AI ​​era Chapter 5 AI Literacy to Survive the New Era ・The basics of business skills in the future, "AI skills" ・Two ways to get the hang of prompts ・Tools ・Tips and notes for creating prompts ・Companies that have ridden the AI ​​boom, and companies that have fallen behind ・Will the world be fair with “Future AI”?

Number of pages: 280 pages

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