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Kotch Library - 日本語の本をオランダで。在デルフトのオンライン図書館。
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Cam Jansen: The Catnapping Mystery #18 (English)
David A. Adler

Cam Jansen: The Catnapping Mystery #18 (English)

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Who catnapped Little Tiger? And why would someone want to steal a helpless woman?s cat? Cam Jansen is the only one who can identify the suspect. Now it?s up to Cam and her photographic memory to solve this frisky mystery.This new Cam Jansen adventure includes?for the first time?a visual puzzle for readers to solve. ?Fans of the detective?s previous adventures as well as newcomers to the series will quickly finish off this upbeat story.? ? School Library Journal for Cam Jansen and the Chocolate Fudge Mystery




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